How to play exactly Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has appeared in summer 2016. It is considered the first augmented reality game. Like ash, you need to start your adventure with a Pokemon as partner. You can choose between four special pokemon: Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Everyone knows that only they are, but with a little secret, you can get on Pikachu.


They three will appear at first, but if you avoid three consecutive times, Pikachu will appear in their place. Now, up to you which you prefer as a playing partner. Once another Pokemon appeared on the map, press your finger on it, after which will appear AR mode to capture. If you do not want to use it, you can turn off and you get into a field where you can catch Pokemon.


Map where you will see Pokemon, will not be a virtual map, but a real map of where you are. When you walked in capture mode, the botton of the screen you will see a Pokeball. Throw to pokemon so capture him. If pokemon is new, it will appear in the Pokedex and you will receive 600 experience points. Experience points varies depending on how well throw the Pokeball. It is easy at first, but during the game, it will be harder. You will need a lot of experience points to pass the level. Every pokemon, Gym battle, Pokestop and Egg count for experience points. If you need a lot of experience can be used pokemon go coins hack, will be an advantage for you because you will catch more pokemons and use more Pokestops.
The game has over 100 million downloads. Being so popular, hackers were thought to be made fell, so they created an application called Pokemon Go Guide. This application is a virus that collects data accompanying the devices and take control. Most strongly affected were Android users. Besides other infestations that you make, your application may install or uninstall your different applications. The Trojan has been very well developed, so that could not be detected by antivirus.

Besided, the virus does not act immediately after installation. He expects you to install or unistall another application. At the time, the viruss will not know if your device is real or virtual one. After that, it collects data on the device, operating system, location, date and other features, then send them to the server for verification and then start the infection. Using this technique, the virus is safe from checking antivirus.
The only ones who found the problem are those from Kaspersky Lab. They studied the virus and found a solution to remove. Moreover, it can detect. Their tactics are guided only by popular applications, because wherever users, hackers appear. All those who were infected, will have to install Kaspersky Mobile Version to remove it, the only solution today.

Along the way, perhaps antivirus and other manufacturers will be able to take action. After scanning, the only way to escape is to uninstall the application and reset the phone. Thus, the application will lose access to the device and data collected will lose it.

The new S3 Samsung Gear Smartwatch

Giant South Korean Samsung released this evening in Berlin next generation of watches smart – Gear S3, the new models, Frontier and Classic, with a design similar to that of traditional watches and îglobând also a number of features “smart” – from prealurea or reject calls and read notificaărilor, mobile payments and monitoring sports activities using GPS function. Gear Samsung S3 will be available locally from November.


“From a distance not you realize that is a SmartWatch. Today we want more from a watch. We want a watch that is the phone which we measure steps, that we can listen to music and so on, “said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics conference to launch Samsung Gear S3 in Berlin.
Samsung, the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide, was among the first companies to launch smart watches and bracelets fitness, becoming a leader in this market.

SmartWatch new generation of Gear Drives Samsung S3 comes in two versions – Classic and Frontier, the latter being designed to be used in any kind of counts and times of day, especially for outdoor activities.
Samsung S3 Gear new models are waterproof and dustproof (IP68 certification), so it can be used in any weather conditions. They were also more resistant screen (Corning® Gorilla® Glass technology SRA) that always remains lit via the “always on”, so afşând hour continuously, like a traditional watch.

The South Korean company also improved from the previous model bezel Gear S2, it now has several functions. For example, users can answer or reject a call or snooze the alarm in the morning without touching the screen’s SmartWatch, and can also write directly on the screen, messages are automatically converted to text.

In addition, Samsung Gear S3 also has the GPS feature which allows users to monitor their sports activities and additional sensors measure the altitude, atmospheric pressure and sudden changes in weather and the distance traveled and speed. For emergencies, users can activate SOS function and location function to alert families, friends and authorities, even if they have a smartphone handy.

The new models Samsung S3 Gear can be used for mobile payments EIN US and South Korea through Samsung Pay app. Users have a wide range of applications including fitness apps, music, news, sports and travel apps, all optimized for Gear series including Gear Gear S2 and S3.

Samsung officials did not specify the price of the new generation of smart watches, but according infomarţiilor the market will most likely be between 400-600 euros.

The Cicret Bracelet

With a small projector, a screen can design bracelet on the forearm! Eight sensors allow the user to manipulate the screen. The bracelet can be used for watching movies, writing emails or phone calls. The prototype was presented and the bracelet can be reached Storage shelves in June 2015. It will cost about 380 euros and will be available in two sizes and 10 colors!

Cicret Bracelet-970-80

We have not invented anything new, but will revolutionize the world of technology

Apple SmartWatch for the future and to Fitbit, the battle is now shifting to major manufacturers purtarbile devices.

A bracelet proposes to take against all and gain important ground in front of phones or tablets. It has all their functions and comes with a new design. Two Frenchmen working in England at Leeds in development.

Cicret has no screen, it’s just a rubber bracelet, but the display is projected onto the wearer’s hand and there uses.

I use Smart bracelet to detect device by Phone Tracker GPS application and can be downloaded by site . It automatically connects to GPS devices to locate close.

Producers Cicret raising money at the moment on their website for producing table but are convinced that their product will be successful. Bracelet that enables the gate to read and send emails, surf the internet, see movies, play or make phone calls.

Manufacturers have added special elements designed to make bracelet and more appealing. The display will affect the movement of the wrist, as in SF, and this process can be used to answer the phone.

“I’ll introduce 3G card to allow phones. We have technology that allows us to use elements from the SIM card without a bracelet integrate into,” said Guillaume Pommier, the engineer who developed the bracelet with his father, Pascal.

There are currently a prototype which is continuously developing, but Pommier says the product or be in stores in June next year.

Cicret will be priced at least 380 euros for the model with 16 GB of memory and more for the 32 GB model. The bracelet will initially be available in 10 colors.

Cicret is a revolutionary device that will change the way we access information. Applications for bracelet are many, do whatever makes a phone or tablet, without the need for a screen hard. It’s portable, but also greener because of cuts screen phones and tablets escape is difficult.

The most surprising thing is that we have not invented anything for this product, we combined two existing technologies to create something really special.

Production Technologies Clothing Products

Fashion clothing is good that people use to defend the body from the weather as well as aesthetic reasons. Both functions have resulted in a variety of models that satisfy human as needed. This represents all objects that covers the body (except footwear); clothes, clothes, clothes.

If we look at the past, even from the beginning in all major civilizations (ASTEC, maya, Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks ,.) are mentioned the importance of clothing to them for manufacturing. According to the creationist theory was first clothing created the first pair of the earth Adam and Eve after the Fall, by God himself, from animal skins.


Fashion and textiles industry are the most dynamic areas in which modern industry must keep pace with the “world changing” consumer requirements. Evolution of clothing was developed as a result of obtaining new materials, aesthetically pleasing, sleek but resistant to various mechanical and efficient processing and behavior.

Man carries a spiritual thinking and creative activity, also made objects of art and culture, and clothing creations.

Objects created and developed industrial environment due to technical findings – Scientific is an expression of art and culture of human society, whose main objective aesthetic beauty and practical utility.

The object of activity of the textile industry is the industry of weaving mill yarn, garments, leather and substitutes.

Indusrtia technique represents a branch of the national economy with a significant contribution to the development of production of material goods, it is meant to ensure supplying the population with consumer products, in a wide assortment more varied and high quality, according niveluli and revenue structure thereof.

Engineering design apparel products must take into account the peculiarities of the current sales market, characterized by – a high level of customer requirements. For the price they are willing to pay, the product that best matches the aspirations of aesthetically and functionally.

Girl theme aims at combining and harmonizing knowledge in specialized training items (raw materials, designing clothing, clothing for manufacturing technology, etc.) to constitute a unitary get them to build knowledge and especially skills to work Specialized.

In this respect, the creation and completion of this theme, use concrete data on production technologies and accompanied by graphic illustrations.

These technologies can be applied to workshops for serial production, used in companies, or for the production of unique items, such as workshops order. In both cases, however, such a technology is established on the basis of a subject which sets out the product to achieve volume production indicators, technical conditions and eventual achievement requirements set by the beneficiary.

The process of industrial production, garment enterprises, require the use of technical documentation to manufacture the clothing in certain conditions and with certain technical characteristics. The technical documentation includes all normative acts on which industrial production runs. Technical documentation in the clothing industry aims orientation of workers, technicians and engineers on how to manufacture apparel and technical characteristics phases of production. For this it is necessary that the technical documentation include all the clues that establish technical – economic indicators of the production process.

Clothing has become a means of artistic creation, not only with defense functions of the body, regulating physiological functions as its beauty.

Dress is different both in form and the materials used to made. The clothes are influenced by the geographical position of a country who determine the classification criteria.

They are classified by age wearer, the raw material used, depending on the sex of the season when worn, depending on the supports on the human body; depending on its destination.

Its main product designation determines the function and operation conditions cause The function auxiliary.


Hello dear friends, today I appoint John we try to talk about a topic related to social sites. Frankly me influences me these social sites because I summarize the happenings life very vague. We can say that the causes and addiction because you’re always curious to know about other people. The example we offer you today is that Snapchat is the latest social application.

Yes, in the present moment Snapchat is part of social networks that some are rushing to engrave the headstone. Everyone’s talking about the situation, I do not know how it is elsewhere, so I’ll stick to our yard. For starters Snapchat is a network bit repulsive because the colors and logo does not say a lot.


The network, which can only be accessed from the smartphone has evolved over the last year and added all new features, so it will take a while until you catch how all. Once you’ve done your training and you understand the basic parts, one is gonna sound more intuitive so that it could not be.

No, no and no! I noticed that most do this confusion. Snapchat messaging service is not as What’s App or Facebook Messenger. Indeed, it has instant messaging module, but it does not bear the brunt of the application, but My Story! That the messages disappear after a defined time that you can be set between 1 and 10 seconds is just a very good marketing argument, why not Snapchat is popular. I have the application installed in the phone for a long time. Well, I have many apps that I test something new every day.

It was with her weight at first. I did not know what content to put not quite understand how and why to use it, so I kept putting him understand. As soon as I came in 2016 I grabbed him and I give her stubborn head. And he caught. I wanted mainly to understand how they can integrate Snapchat communication campaigns for the agency’s clients.

Have anyone to talk on the network, I decided that I must popularized account Snapchat networks that are already known. The move paid off. Now I think I have over 100 friends somewhere. Not all are active, it is true, but they made the first step and entered the network. Follow me daily, depending on what and how public, around 30-40%.

The most difficult thing was to shoot me, but after a month the day we did it, it’s already routine gesture. Scot phone if you want to publish something even the street … and I shoot. Although it seems simple stupid, Snapchat is complex. You can make very many, creativity to you. I caught myself so much that I found myself sitting on Snapchat more than Facebook or any other network.

snap spy

So I’m not surprised Articles that said Facebook would lose for Snapchat users. There is a way you can find out your friend’s account to see some messages. Snapchat Hack allows you to have fun with Snapchat application and in some cases even help because it will never delete photos and messages. Once used Snap Hack can secure your account because you can change the password very simple and will warn you if someone entered your account. That’s it for today please use Snapchat.

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Tips to Choose shoes

If you choose the wrong shoes you risk you get a series of health problems. Here are some tips to choose the right shoes!



Women adore ballet dancers because they’re cute and fit about any outfit. Therefore constitute the preferred footwear of many. Well, doctors say not as comfortable as they look! Because no strap, you simply do your bit crawl feet and you “mess up” walking. Also, while you can choose sore heels. Therefore, do not wear daily ballet. He can alternate with a încăţăminte lace or barete.Dacă 10-12 centimeters adore heels and wear them every day is a gesture that is not at all beneficial to your health. experts say these can cause back pain, knee and heel.


Also, you can get injured very easily, because of unstable gait. That is why, it is best to choose shoes with heels between 3.5 and 5 centimeters. As very high heels, it is preferable to wear them only on special occasions. Perhaps you happened to buy a pair of shoes or boots with a smaller number, only “to have leg delicately.” Doctors say that it is not indicated for shoes too tight causing calluses and even clenching fingers.

All too small shoes may be to blame for the occurrence of ingrown nails and even some leg injuries. Therefore, only buy shoes on your size and, if possible, broad peak. Ideally, when you wear closed shoes, you can move your fingers in voie.Probabil not you ever thought that the material it is made of a shoe sole influence your health. Well, it seems that there is a connection. If you wear sandals with plastic soles, no wonder that you have itchy feet. Plastic outsole favors and feet sweat, the occurrence of fungi and mushrooms under the nails. Therefore, just pick footwear with soles made of quality materials.

The clothes we choose every day says a lot about us. It is our way of showing us the world and always send a message, even when the clothes seem randomly chosen. A dress molded on the body and red like fire say you like the attention of others, while a leather jacket studded show those around you that you are a brave girl and not refuse a challenge.

The clothes you see on the street today are largely the contribution of iconic figures in the field. We provide you the 8 commandments that we have left personalities like Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, whose name is now associated with good taste and luxury.
Christian Dior is a personality who needs no introduction. He left behind a fashion empire and inspired dozens of other young designers with his ideas. The famous fashion designer opinion was that shoes play a crucial role in the appearance of a woman and should be chosen with great care. Besides, every woman knows that an outfit can be saved by a pair of special shoes or can be ruined by a wrong chosen pair.

Today we can consider ourselves lucky that we can find and buy lots of pairs of shoes from online stores. It is extremely easy to order and in a few days to be your takeaway. The hard part is to stop at one pair because stores like this, you have so many special models and it’s hard to make a decision. Elegant, casual, leather or other materials, the shoes are never for us women enough.

NASA has published a series of spectacular photographs, showing the frozen plains of Pluto

NASA has published a series of spectacular photographs, showing the frozen plains of Pluto



Snapshots reveal landforms including Pluto, the surface is far from being one payment, informs NASA.

“It’s like you’re there on Pluto, scanning the landscape yourself,” said Alan Stern, New Horizons in the mission.

But leaving aside the cold beauty of the landscape, the images are priceless because it reveals new details about Pluto’s atmosphere, mountains, glaciers and plains, said images taken by New Horizons acesta.In some high resolution Pluto appears lit The visible SoareEste including nitrogen atmosphere, something unthinkable for Earthlings.  PIA19948-NH-Pluto-Norgay-Hillary-Mountains-2050714

The new images of Pluto shows a world as never seen in our solar system

Pluto is 7.4 billion kilometers from Earth, but in July, the New Horizons spacecraft approached the planet Jupiter in our solar system peripheral to 12,000 kilometers from the surface of Pluto related information sa.Desi seem to come in Avalanche in reality only 4-5% of the data submitted by New Horizons July 14 arrived on Earth. In addition, it takes a while until the information is processed and interpreted.

“Pluto has a complicated story to tell, has an interesting history and it takes a lot of work to understand,” said Alan Stern, one of the scientists involved in the mission.

In a press conference held in Washington DC, Alan Stern and colleagues have said and as Pluto’s atmosphere is much thinner than previously believed. The information comes from measurements taken by New Horizons had already passed when the celestial body, which he regarded the latter.

In addition, they found evidence of “recent” activity of egeologice. “Recently” in this case means “not older than a few tens of millions of years.” Chances are this geologic activity takes place in the present, they explained the scientists involved in the mission.

New Horizons will continue to keep under Pluto, even if passed by the heavenly body, being in this moment from a distance of 12 million km.Images and very valuable information on New Horizons are expected in September. This information will not be processed completely by the end of 2016.

Photos submitted by the US space probe arrives on Earth gradually, one by one, and researchers who participate in New Horizons mission statement fascinated by the new data they receive. These data have already enabled important questions to answer, but generated, in turn, questions, inform site.


Among the new images revealed, NASA said he was interested in a vast frozen plain situated in “Tombaugh Region”, a heart-shaped area, named after Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930.

Dwarf planet Pluto Kuiper Belt is located in a vast agglomeration of fragments of celestial bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune, and normally would have been “bombarded” with regular asteroids. Researchers expect to discover many impact craters on the surface, but, according to the first images transmitted by the probe New Horizons, the situation looks completely different. Pluto

The team that coordinates the New Horizons mission to the area payment and ice cream called “Sputnik Plain ‘after its first artificial satellite launched into space by mankind, a scientific success achieved by the Soviet Union.

Scientists at NASA have made another discovery: they found that Pluto’s atmosphere, composed primarily of nitrogen, “escapes” from the dwarf planet because its force weak gravity, a rate quite important – “about 500 tonnes per hour, “according to Fran Bagenal, participates in the mission. American researcher hopes to further qualify the estimates and to better understand the cosmic process, with the arrival on Earth of subsequent tranches of scientific data submitted by New Horizons.

Scientists at NASA were able to investigate nearly enough high mountains – over 3,500 meters – the first pictures sent by the American probe which landed on Earth in Wednesday. American probe will gradually transmit all data collected during overflights Tuesday Pluto over the next 16 months.

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch released the first smart watch in company history. It will cost at least $ 350 and will arrive on the market in early 2015. Watch connects to Apple iPhone 6 can respond to notifications and to sail with his help. It has several designs and many sizes. shows you can watch everything from Apple.Apple Watch  was presented as a companion for mobile business, from iPhone 5 here. It’s a smart watch that rely on gestures, voice control, but also have a wheel that can control menus, we can zoom into a map or scroll through applications. Under this wheel is the start button, which takes us to the menu of friends. There are display applications as a cloud.

Apple boasts that reinvented the wheel at the time. At the analog it uses to set the exact time languages ​​and Apple Watch it helps to scroll through content. According to Apple, pinch to zoom gesture on the iPhone can not be applied effectively on a screen so small. So zoom gesture was replaced by zooming using the digital wheel. Also, the wheel can be pressed to return to the main screen.Apple iPod Classic old ended his career with the navigation wheel in the middle, but Crown Digital’s new Click Wheel for them, and I now have said. Basically, during the presentation compared the mouse wheel on your Mac and Click Wheel on the iPod.


Apple demonstrated the usefulness Crown Digital Maps within the application. There we can do zoom by rotating. We view the swipe on the screen. Also in the main screen you can swipe to navigate and can use the wheel to zoom in on an app to start.A watch should be smart, but not required, to make you use your phone as little as possible, bringing your wrist notifications will monitor your pace of life and guessing you need to provide when you really need. So far, all attempts are at a mediocre level, and hardware for (greater autonomy), and software must also evolve. Android Wear copes well with the insight, Apple Watch copes well with having achieved better applications, more interesting, even more effective. Apple Watch

Apple Watch  clock has two dimensions. Apple said nothing about diagonal inches, but about the height of the clock, which will be 38 or 42 millimeters. The fact that we have a diagonal screen shows that Apple wants to suggest that a watch Watch’s more than one carrier.Sapphire crystal screen is, as expected on iPhone 6. Also, Apple Sport collection will have reinforced glass screens ionized. Apple Watch

The display has an additional sensitivity to tou ch, it recognizes several types. Apple Watch  feels the force, which would be an innovation for the next iPhone. We’re talking haptic recognition, which could give a new dimension to a phone. Force Touch distinguishes between a simple touch  and a press pressure. Basically, we’re talking about right click on Windows computers. Activate a contextual menu if you press harder. The clock is not only an assistant for a phone, but one fitness. It was normal to be so, and the clock connects Healthbook including, Apple application health monitoring.Apple Watch  has an application called App Activity, where we can see the number of calories burned, how many minutes of exercise we do and wherever we have raised. There are three specific functions: Move, Exercise and Stand which measures the time spent with these activities.

Workout App is dedicated app for sports, jogging or cycling like. It calculates calories and pace and we set goals. It also has some of gamification by Achievements. With Apple Watch on iPhone app we can monitor our activity schedules.

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track a cell phone

Until 1979 when an investment of US Department of Defense had to change humanity. The result of this investment resulted in what we today we call GPS.
In the early 1960s, government agencies such as NASA and the Department of Transport were interested in developing satellite systems to determine position. The system must have some specific characteristics such as global coverage, be accurate and operate anytime in any conditions. The system calculates the longitude and latitude. Later, after more research and development, GPS may still offer size, altitude.

phone tracker
Although the project was initially developed only for the US military, GPS has expanded coverage in civilian supervision terrestrial, marine, and aviation vehicle traffic. The satellites emit different codes used for determining the distance and stars articifiale to calculate the exact position. For the best performance, GPS has developed rapidly on a global scale, covering military, commercial and civil.

Autonomous GPS provides information on the top position in about 50 seconds. He collects other data orbital satellites to calculate the current position.
The Galileo system is a system built by the European Union and the European Space Agency. The purpose of this system is to provide a high-precision positioning of all its nations. Galileo is independent of other positioning systems, GLONASS, the US system, Compass. To develop this system, four countries took part in the project, France, Germany, England and Italy. The first phase of the project began in 2003, and in 2006 the project reached the scale and began to provide services satellite positioning for civil society.

From Galileo services are free, with an accuracy of 1 meter. Name System satellites will receive the names of the winning children in Europe, winners of a contest organized by the European Commission.
Currently, traffic jams gives us headaches every day. The Galileo system, based on signals received by GPS receivers calculate the position of drivers and offers the best route, thus bypassing crowded. It will also included safety features in road traffic. New models of cars have GPS receivers installed in cars, which is a key function. Traffic monitoring will be facilitated when aAll cars will be equipped with GPS receivers.

phone tracker
An interesting application could track emergency and rescue vehicles. This app contains dynamic traffic information, so an ambulance equipped with a Galileo receiver will arrive more easily. The application can influence traffic light colors to hasten the arrival of emergency vehicles. Galileo offers services similar to GPS, based on the same technology.



One of the most used applications globally is GPS Phone Tracker. This very complex application, is able to locate any phone number anywhere on Earth. Initialy released strictly for military domain, GPS reached to developing and be used in another purposes. GPS, being defined as a global navigation system through satellites, dispose a large map of worldwide, without exceptions. After a few years of research, developers succeed to launch on the market aplication Street View, a aplication to allow you to walk on the street. This aplication was introduced alongside with GPS. GPS System wooks the system of 32 satellites place in space.
Over the years, with new tehnologies, people evolved, they descopered new methods much easier for a better life. Newest, once with new enhancements, GPS indicate now all roads with traffic intensity. According to your speed and traffic intensity, GPS indicate you your time to destination.

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Manuel Vanegas

The salmantino novillero Alejandro Marcos became the highlight of the afternoon at Las Ventas, and received the most deserved standing ovation from the celebration. Manuel Vanegas, Venezuelan, was injured, and Gerardo Rivera, Mexican, could not the best steer of the shipment, despite the return to the ring given by your account.

With a fourth entry, five Martín Lorca steers and one – third – scribe Martin, well presented, but little game altogether, grappled in general, by their low caste, with the exception of the exciting fifth deposit.

Manuel Vanegas: two punctures and rear lunge and fall (silence after warning); and estocada fall (division to the greet); Gerardo Rivera: estocada detached (silence after warning); and thrust (return to the arena on their own and very protested) after notice, and Alejandro frameworks: almost entire back, stretched and crossed, and seven descabello (silence after warning); and prick, short stroke and two descabello (ovation).

In the infirmary was involved Manuel Vanegas of ‘ wound incisa in ulnar area on the Palm of the left hand, you bruises and erosions multiple, earrings radiological study. Reserved forecast ‘.

They returned the outstanding July, together, in a same sign to inaugurate an August in Las Ventas full also of important developments in terms of the development of the show.

The torilero is stripped of the suit of lights and dressed in short; the chopper turn left through the door of Madrid, between the lines seven and eight, and there was no chance that the President will show the green or white handkerchief until the bull was returned to the pens or dragged to the slaughterhouse, as it has agreed, on an experimental basis, for the month of August.

Already in the ring, returned to Salamanca Alejandro frames, which made it more like torero and outstanding function, and received the most deserved Ovation of the afternoon. Vanegas fell wounded for the fifth after having shown strong with their lot, and Rivera, all heart, was overwhelmed by the best steer.

Vanegas drew three superb veronicas the novillo opened plaza, which developed many complications, was not delivered in the deception, constantly measured the Bullfighter and slept by the two locking pins. Vanegas, who dodged the Goring of miracle, raised a strong, sincere, but not eco battle.

He returned to shine Vanegas with percale in the fourth, novillo, who responded in the first segment of slaughter, in which the Venezuelan face-saving two good runs to the right. It was a pity that the animal is desfondara good at first.

Rivera received his first steer loose output, which toppled the chopper that made door, wait and make thread in banderillas fennel. How good manso did not want to fight on the crutch and moved reluctantly. Little material for the Mexican, who did in the effort in a long fiddling raised very short and between the stripes.

The fifth caught in a very ugly way companion Vanegas; It coiled him and took him on several metres to the height of the jacket. The lance produced shock in lines, more so when chopper was also flying in the first rod.

Nearing was also his lidiador, Rivera, of being wounded in banderillas, leaving trompicado in the third pair to the violin by the inside. Man recovered and, kneeling, began work, running the hand as if you were standing.

It was an important steer by the emotion that was in his tireless and repetitive onslaught, and overflowed at times the Mexican, too encimista, without giving the animal the site timely and accelerated in the interpretation of the muletazos.


Marcos greeted with stylish aprons to his first, although the best was the grand finale with the middle to feet together. The Bullfighter was a sticky point and dotted the deceptions. The best thing was the serene and the loose which saw to the Salamanca at all times, as well that composed the figure, especially in the chest, and the resources that showed in the opening of slaughtering with the back of the crutch, and in the end by bernadinas, including arrucina. Interesting work, malograda at the last minute with the final.

The sixth was a steer off frames, even without reaching structuring compact task, splashed it of loose muletazos’s exquisite stroke and execution

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The robot Baxter

The robot Baxter
Baxter, friendly robot that will steal jobs
A new robot created by the people at the company Rethink Robotics comes to prove that in the future, friendly people and machines will work increasingly in the workplace.
Compared to create robots so far, Baxter, which is wrapped in plastic, display a friendly appearance. The robot has no legs nor speak, but he has a series of sensors and other mechanisms specifically designed to protect human workers.
The company’s goal was to create a cheap car, ideal to work with workers in small firms, where no operating speed of the robot is the key. In this respect, the robot, which will cost only $ 22,000, will perform a series of tascuri as the ability to realize that an object must have in hand to replace another.
Although the robot can be programmed builders have avoided this term, speaking rather of “training through demonstration”. For example, to teach the robot that needs to lift and move an object, a man may have taken him by the arm, to direct and to object to ajunte to grasp the object to put it elsewhere.
The robot safety mechanisms include a crown of sonar sensors helps slow his movements when approaching a man. Also, he serves as a front screen turns red for notifying the people around that he is aware of their presence. Moreover, the robot is equipped with a large red button that it can be disconnected immediately.
To date, Baxter has been tested in several small tax refund companies, where the production and assembly of the repetitive tasks involved. After testing it was found that the robot can work for the equivalent of $ 4 per hour.
Rethink Strategy of the upgrade is to periodically as a smartphone. The company plans to upgrade the software free of Baxter, allowing it to behave as complex two-handed manipulation of objects and pressing. The company also plans to received and other developers to add to Baxter’s computer system and hardware devices or software applications for particular purposes. This will allow independent developers to extend the system in ways that Rethink not think.

RoboCop is about to become a reality, thanks to a US project.
Researchers at Florida International University in the laboratory Discovery plans to transform the character of a science fiction film, RoboCop, actually. To this end, scientists collaborate with members of the US Navy Reserves to design a telepresence robot that will allow police officers with disabilities and veterans to patrol remote. Thus, these machines would become a cop hybrid human-robot, like RoboCop.
Jeremy Robbins, commander of the police, donated $ 20,000 and rented laboratory for this project two robots in the amount of $ 500,000 from the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), an organization in Florida.
Robbins hopes that this initiative will enable thousands of police and soldiers with disabilities to return to work. They could work as patrol officers, operating and telepresence robots performing police tasks, such as taking emergency calls, issuing fines for illegal parking or protection of important objectives, such as nuclear power plants.
Students and teachers from the laboratory Discovery IHMC have worked with robots in a program worth two million dollars funded by DARPA. The prototype robot-cop, you will receive audio and video communications, is designed based on these robots.
“The main problem I encountered in achieving these cyberpolişti is one that you have everyday ordinary policemen. The telepoliţistul must be sufficiently authoritative and intimidating so people to follow the directions, because the machine tells you what to do, but the police officer controlling. On the other hand, the robot must be friendly enough that a 3 year old child who was lost not to be afraid to come to him for help to find her mother. It is therefore a complicated problem and design are convinced that you will need to go through several versions until we find the best one, “says Robins

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Runner Cheetah robot

Runner Cheetah robot
New record: a robot run faster than the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt
Only half a year after the shooting down of a record speed – in March this year – the fastest robot Runner, Cheetah, managed a new performance: ran at a speed greater than that achieved by the fastest runner the human world and Olympic multiple world champion Usain Bolt.

In March, Cheetah, quadruped robot developed by Boston Dynamics Laboratory famous specialists, managed to hit the running speed of 29 km / h, impressive for a robot that tries to mimic extremely complex locomotion mammals, but far behind the rate of which a man is capable of truly swift of foot, as Jamaican Bolt. The maximum speed which it is registered a 44.72 km / h.
But researchers at Boston Dynamics have endeavored to perfect the robot so as to reach or surpass the performance of Bolt.
And after a series of adjustments, Cheetah is now able to run 45.5 km / h – faster, therefore, than the world record-breaker.
The researchers who developed this project voucher with US Agency for advanced defense projects (DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) were able to improve performance by improving robot control instructions for the computer back and legs “cheetah” robotic. The flexible design of these components is the key to the robot runner stunning performances.
For now, the Cheetah is used only in laboratory experiments because it has some features that limit outdoor use: depends on an external, non-portable, power and connected by a cable which helps to maintain position .
But Dymaics Boston team plans next year to begin to test out a wireless version support, called WildCat.
Cheetah is one of the robots with animal morphology inspired design, the DARPA invested in hopes of getting a “helper” robot able to march with soldiers and perform various specific tasks with them.
The latest innovation in robotics: AlphaDog, dog-robot,
Boston Dynamics, a company building robots, revealed the latest accomplishment: AlphaDog, next-generation robot dog. In the future, AlphaDog will be the best friend of the soldier found on the battlefield, assisting him with his mission.
The project is funded by DARPA, an agency of the Pentagon and the US Marine Corps.
Dog-robot is designed to assist US troops in ground missions. It can carry 180 kg of equipment, with enough fuel for a trip of 32 miles. The robot can be programmed to follow a leader or to reach a certain destination, focusing thanks to the built-in sensors and GPS.
Alpha Dog is the first realization of this type for the Boston Dynamics. In 2007, they unveiled Big Dog robot dog, a precursor of Alpha Dog.

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Confidence in robots

Confidence in robots

Can we trust the robots? A recent experiment gave shocking results.

Prospect of driverless cars, appealing to some, is Extremely disturbing to others: a recent experiment showed that robotic systems that have been trained to protect the lives of people fail miserably in many situations, which would result in the loss of many lives.  Robots-Voting-500x300

“Codes of Ethics” for robots are far from providing safety to people, they found shocked scientists, following a recent experiment. Far to act logically, a robot often can not work at all, the consequences can be fatal.

Scientists at UWE Bristol wanted to know if robots would be able, in a situation of life and death, to save anyone; imagined, therefore, a situation in which a robot should prevent other robots (who played the role of men) to “fall into a pit” (to enter a dangerous area of space for experimentation).

The experiment used a robot which have the ability to be “aware” of what was around and, moreover, has had a program that was trained to save lives whenever he could. It is a so-called “Asimov robot”, named after the famous SF author Isaac Asimov, whose writings inspired the screenplay for “I, Robot”; the SF universe, robots must protect people, not to kill human beings and not allow through inaction, killing them.

The robot experiment, however, managed to “save people” only in 16 cases out of 33, although he had time to save more.

Then, researchers have devised a “trap ethics” have introduced a robot, which play a second “man” in danger simultaneously with the first, so that the robot savior was faced with a dilemma: which of the two to save him?

To the surprise of researchers, the robot managed to keep both “people” in 3 cases out of 33; in other cases, it appeared that it may be decided that no saved as though he had enough time to save at least one.

Such studies are important because driverless cars and other robotic systems have to deal with real human lives. Scientists are just beginning to explore the world of “ethics robots”, but for now, it seems that we are far from being able to trust these systems and machinery industry could be on a hard road slippery legally legal and moral, as he says dr. Patrick Lin, professor of philosophy at California Polytechnic State University, a renowned specialist in “robot ethics”.


Teso offers a high degree of individualization of character despite the inclusion of only four classes, grouped around the idea of warrior or wizard. This can be seen best in the freedom to combine different types of armor and weapons, regardless of the class chosen. In addition, guild affiliation with Magi warriors or brings their own specific missions. Another interesting aspect is the possibility of being infected with lycanthropy or vampirism. This unlocks the door to new skills, werewolves and vampires with a number of advantages and disadvantages.
If you prefer to wield the ladle skilful than the sword, the game offers generous opportunities. Although some professions such as enchanting are the hardest, you can quite easily you make your weapon or armor to be useful for the level you reached. With little effort invested can create even rare items. The economic system adopted by the game is not a conventional one. Because the concept of Megaserver in order to maintain a healthy economy in which objects are not very strong at all corner, to give up the idea in-game auction house. Their place was taken by ghidele trade, allowing the marketing of items to other players in exchange for a fee rather scathing. Recently people at ZeniMax announced the opening of a market for trade outside the game in the forum dedicated to the game, where players can post their buying and selling ads, like the Classifieds.
When it comes to PvP, Teso turns into a real MMORPG, divided into campaigns that put the confrontation scene between the three factions Cyrodiilului territory. The struggle for mastery fortresses, mines and castles reminiscent of systems encountered in Dark Age of Camelot or, more recently, in Guild Wars 2. Success in these skirmishes is rewarded with resources that can be used to improve or repair the machines assault castles. Like in other games that have adopted this system of PvP, are favored factions that have more players, success is determined mainly by the size of its army and not skill. PvP side of the game becomes a truly attractive option after reaching the level cap’s when PvE content has been exhausted or no longer proves to be no motivating. End game for the moment is so discreet that is lacking. Those who expect raiding and epic loot as will be disappointed.
How many were unpleasantly surprised and technical problems suffered by the game, some typical of any MMO launches. Lag is a ubiquitous complication, while many bugs can give you serious headaches or prevent completion of a mission. Conversations, although recorded for each NPC and quest in hand, happens to disappear and to attend a discussion between dumb. Graphics do not give back, especially when you see the handles of swords that pass through the bodies of the characters or lip motion synchronization. Set to maximum but can also cause surprises, especially when it comes to armor.
Finally, after dozens of hours into the game, still waiting for The Elder Scrolls Online to convince me that the adventure began, I ţintuiască to stall and not let me give log out. Do not get me wrong, it’s not a bad game and we know that MMORPGs can recover route on the fly. But for now, lacking a sense of free exploration that made Oblivion or Skyrim so special. That freedom to venture to your heart and immerse yourself in the role chosen. Currently The Elder Scrolls Online fails to justify the monthly fee well claimed by the players, is an attractive option only for fans of the series who want to explore every corner of Tamriel.

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Perfect spy? a robot

Perfect spy? a robot

Before long, Tzahi, that the Israeli army will have available a snake robot whose task will be to make espionage war zone.
The robot has a length of two meters, is equipped with cameras and sensors on the ground and crawls like a real reptile. Covered by a special material that allows him to be confused with vegetation and soil, snake robot can move anywhere: even in tunnels, galleries or natural dimples dark, and can be loaded with tiny amounts of explosives. Thanks fake snake soldier who control it remotely via a laptop every moment will have access to images and sounds of the area where it operates “spy”. Incredible “war machine” was devised by researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute in Haifa, snake robot is the first result of extensive research whose objective is the construction of animal-robots used in wars or armed conflicts (in near future, Israeli researchers will build and robotic dogs and cats).
Army of robots threatens human supremacy?
Not far from the day when the US military will be based almost entirely on robots that will have the task of tracking enemy, using sensors to detect and destroy enemy targets instantly via handheld machine guns and missiles. However, the Pentagon wants to ensure that the new generation is fully maneuverable robot soldiers and control by the people.
The first step in this direction was made by robots Teleoperator, rooms equipped with electro-optical and infrared devices. These machines weight of only 15 kg are already used to investigate caves, buildings and enemy military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The next step is brought MULE prototypes and SIDS.
Army’s Multi-Utility Logistics Equipment (MULE) is a vehicle able to travel obstacles and go off-road in optimal conditions. It was equipped with anti-tank missiles and two javelin type M240 machine guns. MULE can carry supplies and ammunition in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan. It is equipped with an onboard computer that identifies the type of obstacle in the way.
Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) is a robotic vehicle weight of 2 tons which can be operated by remote control or can be programmed to go alone to the location established. SIDS can move on any terrain by day or night. There are however a number of experts who are skeptical tendency massive US military robotics.
Build robots to amuse the children and care for the elderly should be subjected to ethical rigor, says expert in artificial intelligence Noel Sharkey, of the University of Sheffield
It is estimated that this year, global sales figure for personal service robots reached 5.5 million and statisticians expect this number to grow to 11.5 million by 2011. Professor nerves Sharkey, of the University of Sheffield, believes that inprejurari robots involvement in potentially emotional needs some guidance, so there is a limit contact between humans and machines. If this does not happen, there is a risk of a serious social contact decreases if holders of robots. Currently, more than 12 companies in Japan and South Korea produce robots “company”. NEC, for example, a personal robot PaPeRo children tested, a device that can recognize faces family, imitate behavior and make jokes. Professor Sharkey warns that long-term contact with such robots can reduce the interaction between people. Research has shown that utilitarian robots issue creates a close and a strong attachment from children who, in most cases, prefer a robot to a teddy bear. “Short-term exposure can be a fun and entertaining experience that creates interest and curiosity. But due to the physical safety of a secure robots, children can be left exclusively in their presence, without any human contact for many hours a day, several days or even desired outcome. Thus, the potential psychological impact of different degrees of social isolation that can occur during development is dangerous. “

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The PS3, The PS4, And The PlayStation Network

The PS3, The PS4, And The PlayStation Network

With the PlayStation 3, 4, you’re talking about two systems that differ a great deal. This is just commonsense. In the world of console generations, we’re currently on the eighth one. This generation includes the current PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 3 belongs to the previous generation, which would be the seventh.


Both systems differ in a number of obvious ways. However, they do naturally share some similarities, as well.


Comparing And Contrasting The PlayStation 3, 4

Comparing and contrasting the PlayStation 3, 4 reveals some interesting facts. Someone who hasn’t picked up a new system in quite in some time might be inclined to think that the PS4 is naturally the superior machine. With the PlayStation 3, 4, it’s true that the latest incarnation offers superior specs, and a controller that people seem to believe is superior to the DualShock 3 (the PS4 controller is called the DualShock 4).

Ps3 emulator

However, a number of people believe that the PS3 offers a significantly superior media experience at this point in time. With a huge built-in library, as well as a price tag that is a good deal lower than the most recent console offering from Sony, some argue that the PS3 is still worth your attention. When you factor in the knowledge that Sony plans to continue supporting the PlayStation 3 through 2015, the matter of choosing between the PlayStation 3, 4 largely comes down to personal preference.


If you’re debating between the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, one of the most significant questions you’re likely going to have will concern the PlayStation Network. This is certainly something that is worth thinking about. The network was introduced with the PS3, and it significantly changed the way people play and experience Sony PlayStation releases. Naturally, the network carried over to the PS4. The same can be said for the PlayStation Plus subscription package, which reveals more fully what the PS Network is capable of.

For some, choosing between the PlayStation 3, 4 is something that will want to devote at least a moment to comparing the network experience.

The PlayStation 3, 4 Network

The PlayStation Network offers just about everything Sony feels you should have in an online gaming and media experience. You can catch up on TV shows, download exclusive content for your favorite games, play online-exclusive titles, go online, keep up with social media, develop a profile that will identify you as a gamer, and much more. You can watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video, as easily as you can play across an ever-expanding multiplayer universe.


If you have a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Plus subscription, whether or not the network for the PlayStation 4 is a vast improvement over the network for the PS3 might be on your mind. And if you haven’t purchased either system yet, the network might be one of the most significant deciding factors for you.


In the end, the network for the PS4 is definitely an improvement over the PS3, but the PS3 still has exclusive offerings that shouldn’t be ignored.



Playstation 4 is the ideal medium for interconnected gaming experience that offers amazing graphics, personalization intelligence, social integration and new features second-screen. Combining immersive gaming experiences with digital entertainment content items and PlayStation exclusivity, the new PS4 focuses on gamer community. There is a possibility to purchase games for free. PSN voucher code generator that can generate sunrise recognized by the creators of games and offering free games.

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Electric Car Part 2

Electric Car Part 2

The electric car in France is still a small market. 800,000 of them have been sold, which allows them to claim 0.5% market share. But things could change in the near future under the guidance of skilled occupations in the transportation of people. Taxis also VTC seem to get started and eyeing on two models: the Tesla S and the Nissan Leaf.

electric car
Everything is in this reflection: “do not say you buy a car at 90,000 euros, we must say that buying a car at € 60,000 with five years of free gas.” Dixit Ferchiou Karim, CEO of “black cars” that rents VTC in Paris, on the Tesla “Model S”. However, this sedan not only attracted retailers looking to meet a certain standard. It is also interesting the more traditional taxi companies. G7 crest which brings together 7,600 taxis and the “Taxis Bleus” eyeing the craft and even for the last mentioned, the Nissan Leaf, despite lower autonomy. And for good reason: the Leaf began a career as taxi in New York.

Tesla is already test for a year, and professionals who have taken the step to evaluate have a good return customers while maintenance and autonomy seem to respond to the vocation. So 1000 vehicles are considered in the parks of these professionals by 2017. The news does not scare Tesla has officially taken a position on the subject by giving discharge to the process. In addition, the municipality of Paris has double, taxis, government assistance for the purchase of an electric car, or additional € 7,000 deducted. No doubt, the current passes. The manufacturer Hyundai and sister company Kia have announced the launch of 22 low-emission vehicles by 2020. Objective: to become the second largest manufacturer of battery-powered vehicles in the world, behind Toyota. All the technologies are covered by the South Korean offensive hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids, 100% electric and electric with a fuel cell (hydrogen).

Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen leader in electrified vehicles

On the market “electrified” vehicles, competition between major automobile manufacturers intensifies. Undisputed leader in dual gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain, Toyota has announced that it delivered more than 7 million hybrids worldwide since 1997, marketing the first generation Prius in Japan. A time back on the electrification of its lines, the German group Volkswagen – Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Volkswagen, … – will sell more than 30 plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles between 2014 and 2020. For its part, Renault Nissan Alliance been almost 200,000 100% electric vehicles in the world thanks to its Nissan LEAF and Renault Kangoo ZE to its and ZOE. In South Korea, the Hyundai conglomerate – which owns 80% of the manufacturer Kia – communicate a lot on the first electric car with a fuel cell in series production: the SUV Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell. Faced with stringent exhaust emissions, Hyundai and Kia will launch 22 new electrified models …

>>>> Browse our detailed Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell Test between Lyon and Grenoble

Kia Optima Hybrid
Marketed in Europe since 2011, the Kia Optima Hybrid sedan will be declined in 2016 in a plug-in hybrid variant

On the menu: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and hydrogen

The announcement of 12 hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids 6 – also called Plug-in Hybrid – 2 electric vehicles and electric vehicles 2 fuel cell 2020 is involved in a news dominated by a fine record 350 million imposed by the US administration to overestimate fuel economy displayed by the two manufacturers. If the first goal is to reduce by 25% CO2 emissions of their range by 2020 to meet the regulatory requirements of the major markets – Asia, Europe, US – the two manufacturers are also intended to compete with Toyota and Volkswagen groups. To do this, all segments are concerned, the city in SUV, through the saloon. Hyundai and Kia expected to launch in 2016 a model exclusively dedicated to the principle of hybrid Toyota Prius. Kia, which already markets the Soul urban crossover EV electric Optima Hybrid sedan will launch a plug-in hybrid variant of the latter stream in 2016 in Europe.

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Clash of Clans Gems

Clash of Clans Gems


The game Clash of Clans is an immensely fun game to play. It is complicated and keeps you interested the whole time because you always have something to do. However, just like many other games, this one has money. There are gold coins, elixirs, and gems. The Clash of Clans Gems are the premium currency of this game. When players first download the game, they will get five hundred gems. These gems go very quickly, so you will want to get more. There are various ways to get gems. There are also many things that you can spend these gems on.

Clash of clans gems hack

How to Use Clash of Clans Gems

 Clash of clans hack

The most common use of gems is to buy resources such as dark elixir, elixir or gold. These can be bought in many different quantities. Also, gems can be used to buy the Pirate Flag, Builders Huts, and the Mighty Statue. These take a lot of coins to buy, so you should definitely gather your Clash of Clans Gems before attempting to purchase them. Gems can also be used to finish Troop training in the Barracks or the Dark Barracks. Completing the construction and upgrade of Troops or Buildings can also fall under the payment of the Clash of Clans Gems. Heroes can recover and increase their healing rate by using Clash of Clans Gems.


How to Get Gems


You can, of course, buy gems through in-app purchases and other sources. However, not many people want to do this. Thankfully, there are many other ways to get these gems through the game. For example, you can ear Clash of Clans Gems through completing Achievements and clearing certain obstacles. If you complete challenges from the Achievements menu, you will be rewarded with gems. Also, when you get trophies, you will get two thousand Clash of Clans Gems.


When you earn gems through clearing obstacles, it can be slow, but it is never ending. Obstacles also give experience in addition to one to six gems per obstacle cleared. Sometimes, they will not give any gems at all.

The last way to earn gems is to be in the top ten players of the top three clans. At the close of a two-week period, the top clan makes twenty thousand gems; the second-best clan will make ten thousand, and the third best clan will make six thousand. These gems are divided equally between the top ten players of each of the respective clans.


All in all, this type of currency is one of the best premium currencies. It can be costly, but if you know how to play your cards right, you can get Clash of Clans Gems for free.

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Electric Car Part 1

Electric Car

After the observation that the power is still not off in France, Les Echos website allows us to see a little clearer still on the characteristics of this very narrow market retailer that we are the customers of these electric cars . Informative and not necessarily reassuring.

electric car

We have seen recently, 8001 electric cars sold in France since the beginning of the year. It is certainly an increase of 8.5% compared to last year, but as the supply grows, it is actually quite trivial and, in any case, it is not much reported in the automobile market global. 0.67% to be precise.

Electric Car
But who are the electric customers in France? As might be expected, it is essentially corporate fleet of car sharing services or even … car dealerships! Indeed, manufacturers seeking to convince motorists of the benefits of electric cars grow their dealers to provide models for customer trials. This car fleet demonstration is nothing less than 2300 units since January, a little less than 30% of total sales! This is actually the equivalent of sales to individuals who reach 2365 units since January.
With about 2,000 sales (+ 9.8%), fleets are third in the ranking of the largest purchasers of electric cars while the hexagonal carsharing services provided almost exclusively by Bolloré represent 1000 Blue Car sales since January.

Note that Renault owns 51.7% of Nissan before this small market (17.3%) and Bolloré (12.6%). The other actors do not exceed 5% (in order, Smart, VW, Tesla, BMW, Citroen, Peugeot, Kia)

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Mobile phones

Mobile phones

Mobile phones, like any electronic apparatus has two parts: software and hardware. There is a specialized software, the operating system, that controls other applications, but mostly manages the hardware devices. Regarding the mobile phone, at the beginning everything was very clear to the user.

Mobile Phones

The mobile phone made ​​a limited number of things that came already installed from factory. Even if there were some common features, each phone was distinct because its use his own software.

Later allowed us to install small mobile applications, especially games in Java. There we began to differentiate itself from the mobile software and what we could install. Even as the mobile operating system was still dependent on the manufacturer, we should make sure that what we wanted to install would work on your terminal. Mobile phones

With the evolution of mobile terminals and tablets, it became necessary to install and uninstall the more complex applications based on the needs of users. And there was no point having to create the implementation for the system of each manufacturer. In this context appeared the real operating systems.

Early operating systems were Symbian phones (Panasonic, Siemens AG, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and others), Palm (especially for PDAs), BlackBerry and Windows Mobile (from Microsoft). Apple revolutionized the world of mobile phones with the launch of its iPhone family, the iPhone OS operating system and its touch screen.

First Android phone originally born in September 2008, then in February 2011 appeared Android 3.0 for tablets, and in October 2011 Android 4.0 appeared to unify the two systems (phones and tablets) into one. The November 2012 version is Android 4.2 Mobile phones.

The main company behind the development of Android is Google, who leads the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of companies that commit to following free and open standards.

The main advantage of using one of these operating systems is that they have a lot of applications. In addition, as with computers, two devices with the same OS will be handled the same, although they may have different screen, camera, you don’t integrate GPS, or are of different manufacturer.

The main difference between Android and other mobile operating systems is that it is free software, Linux-based, and most of it is open source. Being free and open source, Android has a lot of application developers. In fact, anyone with programming skills and curiosity can start developing applications. This makes find thousands of applications available, and more appear every day. In late 2012 there were over 700,000 app. You can see the applications available from the Google Play store, you can access it from your phone, tablet and PC. Here we will find applications, games and books of two types: free and paid. There are also music and movies that are often paid. Although payment options are usually quite affordable.

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Computers take our jobs

Computers take our jobs

Computers take our jobs
A computer program, much more effective than doctors in diagnosing problems.
A computer program, developed by British researchers, has proven far more effective and accurate in diagnosing problems related to hip replacement operation.

Computers take our jobs

Investigations that if doctors often go to unnecessary interventions or poorly made, according
Semi-automatic program was created by researchers at the University of Bath, UK, and is used to evaluate the functionality and the evolution of hip joint replacement surgery or knee work usually performed by doctors, “the eye”.


Computers take our jobs

Patients who have undergone such an operation are required, usually by another action of the joint, which leads to an increase of up to four times the initial and operation costs to bring about an increased risk of infection and joint malfunction.
The computer program performs the evaluation of radiographs, analyzing radiolucency (the transparency of tissue to X-rays, no) joint area. The region surrounding the replaced joint appears black on a radiograph, but over time due to wear, not joint compound sentenced accordingly and the surrounding tissue changes its degree of radiolucencies. The computer program is a more accurate and efficient method of determining the need for a new surgery.
“Until we have this program, Analysis of radiolucencies was made ​​by surgeons eye. What was interesting to us was the lack of consensus among physicians who were looking at the same X-rays,” said Richie Gill, professor of medical engineering at the University Bath. “Using this digital tool that accurately identifies patients with progressive pathological radiolucencies indicating cases of replaced joints whose condition is deteriorating rapidly, we can ensure that the correct surgical procedures will be applied, which will improve postoperative results and will lead to financial savings by avoiding interventions that might ultimately prove unnecessary, “said the researcher.

Knee joint replacement is a very effective method to treat joint pain and malfunction caused by osteoarthritis, a disease that usually affects people over 40 years.
Studies show that half of the people showing symptoms of osteoarthritis (degeneration of cartilage and bone joints) of the knee in life.
The research, published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, comparing the 38 doctors on the radiographs of the knee joints of computerized assessments and the results were clearly in favor of the computer. The results of the medical evaluation were large variations, with a total consensus in less than 10% of the areas analyzed, compared with 81.6% for the computer. Robot waiters, porters robots, robots trash, robots cooks, mechanics, welders; Soon, robots, robots drivers and surgeons – it is going to find something to do for the man in the future?

It is not a new phenomenon, however. He started much of the industrial era, and was very visible both in factories and in agriculture. A mechanical harvester attached to a tractor, driven by one man could do in one day up to several tens of reapers. A single machine, projects, made ​​thousands of identical parts rapidly and steadily. Some automatic looms drew thousands of square meters of cloth in one day – more than they could make hundreds of workers.

However, long time, mechanization failed to cover the needs of a growing company. They were still a lot of jobs for people as services and trade sector grew, the labor absorbing vacant after occupation by machines of many “jobs” in agriculture and industry.

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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion
Please note that all these confirmations directly related Taleyarkhan … In other laboratories tried not reproduce the experiment? From what you tell, the experimental device is not complicated or expensive. Of course, he tried by others reproduce cold fusion.

Cold Fusion

In 2002 two researchers, D. Shapira and M. J. Saltmarsh, from Oak Ridge Laboratory (where Taleyarkhan made ​​the first experiments), published in the September issue of the prestigious Physical Review Letters article titled “Nuclear Fusion in collapsing bubbles – Is it There?

Cold Fusion

An Attempt to Repeat the Observation of Nuclear Emissions from sonoluminescence “(Nuclear fusion in collapsing bubbles – is something there? Attempt to repeat the observation of nuclear emissions [products] by sonoluminiscenţă). Article includes repetition results Taleyarkhan experiment, this time using more sophisticated neutron detector. New data shows that the energy spectrum of the neutron flux distribution record appear to be random. Simply put, the emission of neutrons does not coincide with collapsing bubbles, so we have to do with nuclear fusion. Taleyarkhan replied immediately saying that even though his colleagues indicates produce fusion results.

A second experiment was organized, by whom do you think? By BBC! British company press (whose example I followed like us) turned to two of the largest specialists in sonoluminiscenţă know, Seth Putterman and Ken Suslick, to repeat the experiment with devices similar to those used by American researcher. Their results were analyzed by four independent scientists, which included a sonoluminiscenţă expert and a specialist in neutron detection. The conclusion? No sign of fusion!

Cold Fusion Experiments

In March 2006 appeals reach the peak. This time directly attacked by Taleyarkhan published results. The stage in American researcher Brian Naranjo, a PhD student at the University of California (which, incidentally or not, working under the direction of Seth Puterman – which I mentioned earlier – another variant of nuclear fusion – we will talk about another occasion). Naranjo Nature magazine published an article showing that the energy spectrum of neutrons emitted during sonofuziunii of Art in January 2006 has signature feature fusion but overlaps well above that of neutrons emitted by the radioactive element californium 252! To quote Naranjo “is totally inconsistent with published spectra of 2.45 MeV neutrons [which would have been produced during the merger], raising doubts about the allegations concerning the production of fusion”. To clarify things I will say that 252 Cf radioactive source is widely used in nuclear physics laboratories.
The journal Nature was not satisfied with that. Among staff was interested Taleyarkhan of Purdue University. He found out interesting things. Tsoukalas and Tatjana Jevremovic broke, researchers at the mentioned university, they tried more time to reproduce Taleyarkhan’s experiment, according to the article published in the 2002 failure, no significant result. There is an increase in the number of bubbles that implode liquid when using an external source of neutrons, but no trace of tritium! Towards the end of 2003 Tsoukalas manages to lure him to come Taleyarkhan of Purdue University. But as soon as he arrived at the university of his behavior became bizarre. Jevremovic says he could not get any details on the equipment used by Taleyarkhan. No information, no explanation, not even raw data failed to achieve. And this is bizarre behavior for a true scientist. Moreover, he pulled a piece of equipment that Purdue University researchers trying to produce sonofuziunea, moving it off campus! And to put the cap at all, in January 2005, vehemently opposed the publication of results obtained by researchers at Purdue University, reason simply deny the sonofuziunea! In July 2005 the university press office asked not to announce only “positive results” of experiments sonofuziune … Purdue University have obtained positive results I mentioned earlier. But … the journal Nuclear Engineering and Design was not an independent one. Have the coeditor, who do you think? You guessed certainly in Taleyarkhan. World of science has always been an open one. A place where debates have their place. Eternal doubt, eternal skepticism of the scientist is the way it walks the truth. Or, we begin to see that things are not so. There are huge funds for research and long battle for them. I’m the money starts to pervert the spirit of science.

Rusi Taleyarkhan and sonofuziune

Rusi Taleyarkhan and sonofuziune
Unfortunately, as we have already seen, even in elite science going on all sorts of things that make the results to be put under a serious question mark. In the following we want to present a possible stress, a possible scientific fraud.


Rusi Taleyarkhan and sonofuziune

Rusi Taleyarkhan 2002, working at the time at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, along with Richard Lahey Jr., a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced what could be a final solution for the energy problems of humanity: nuclear fusion. And not just any merger, but a cold, made with relatively simple equipment, a merger “on the kitchen table.” The idea of the two was not exactly new. It was known for some time that high-frequency sound waves that propagate through a liquid medium can occur under certain conditions, bubbles, which then rapidly collapses, producing high local concentrations of energy. This concentration of energy within each of the bubble is sufficiently intense to produce the plasma, which in turn can trigger fusion. I quote now from the news published by the journal Science on March 8th 2002 “In such a device [such as the one conducted by Rusi Taleyarkhan et al.], Small gas bubbles contained in the liquid implodes using high-pressure sound waves. Bubbles implodes reach levels high enough pressure and temperature to emit short light pulses. Along with these photons, Rusi Taleyarkhan et al. reported the production of tritium and high-energy neutrons, correlated when they produced sonoluminiscenţa caused by collapsing bubbles associated shock wave [of gas in the liquid]. It seems to be the result of obtaining higher than normal temperature during the collapsing bubbles [gas] in sonoluminiscenţă devices, by careful selection and preparation of samples of liquid and optimizing device [experimental].

Like solar neutrinos, neutrons, having no electric charge, can escape the device sonoluminiscenţă and some of them can be detected by detectors. The authors presented data indicating that the density and temperature were reached very high (greater than 10 ^ 6 K) needed to produce deuterium-deuterium fusion. “In short, the experimental device was obtained fusion of deuterium nuclei. As the liquid acetone was used more “special” in which a part of hydrogen atoms were replaced with the heavy isotope, deuterium. By association with heavy water, I could tell it was used a “heavy acetone.” To say that the 2002 experiment was used and an external source of neutrons to enhance phenomenon of bubbles. Of course, as always happens in science, the unexpected discovery was regarded with some suspicion by the scientific community, especially for the memory of cold fusion scandal reported by Fleishman and Pons in 1989 left deep scars. There was a need for new confirmations, new experiments to confirm the initial results.
And confirmation came. In 2004 Taleyarkhan published in Physical Review E an article entitled “Additional Evidence of Nuclear Emissions DURING acoustic cavitations” (Further evidence of nuclear emissions during acoustic cavitation) announcing that the fusion phenomenon occurs for longer than initially expected.
Then in 2005 two students of Taleyarkhan, Yiban Xu and Adam Butt, from Purdue University (university where he had moved in the meantime, American researcher) published, in turn, an article in Nuclear Engineering and Design, the confirming production of nuclear fusion on the principle enunciated by their teacher.
Another confirmation came in January 2006, and was published in Physical Review Letters. This time an international team of researchers (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University – USA -, and the Russian Academy of Sciences) do not use an additional source of neutrons (source was used in previous experiments and was a reason for contesting the final results). Sonofuziunea is confirmed again. One of the authors of the article in Physical Review Letters, Taleyarkhan is …